Aug 8, 2020
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Best Media and Advertising Icon Set | Free Download | EPS | SVG | PNG | JPG

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Today, we have released the high resolution best media and advertising icons set. You can use these icons to enhance your design artwork. These icons are black classic media icons isolated for web and print design projects.

High Resolution black and white vector icons set with stylized icons of smartphone or mobile phone, globe, television or TV, radio, laptop or notebook or personal computer, newspaper, billboard or ooh, megaphone or speaker, headset or headphone, movie reel or film reel, movie clapper board, speak or voice and more.

Icons can be used for many purposes, making it more appealing and readable. Icons usage most often shows up in navigational elements in the world.

You’re likely to see them in almost every element:

Web design or interface design: headers, footers, navigation bars, lists, interface design, emotions; practically any part of a design can be improved by the addition of well-chosen icons.

Print design: navigation bars, infographic, advertising, newspaper, signboard, road directions, decorations, emotions and more.

Personal life: message, or communication, expression, navigation, direction, awareness, brand recognition, greetings, influence, identification etc.

Icons do a better job of grouping related content and leading the eye to important information. You can use to make your icons work with your other design elements. It’s important that icons play the right role in directing attention and adding to the aesthetic of a design.

Icons should be just one part of a design strategy for a project for Facebook or Instagram etc. They can be fully interactive cues that help lead users through a design and provide extra visual spark. Icons can be small or large, black and white or colored, flat or intricate and no matter what style appeals to you, effective use of icons can enhance usability and the aesthetic value of almost any design project, will explain about icons uses in next article.

We have great collections of icons set in our website for designers and more will come. These icon set is available in EPS, SVG, PNG and JPF formats.

We have hundreds of graphic designing video tutorials, If you want to learn graphic design, please subscribe our YouTube channel and try to create own graphic for your design projects.

Don’t wait, click on free download button in the below. Enjoy!

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