Jun 8, 2020
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Free citrus slices of lemon, orange, lime vector set

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Vector sliced citrus fruits of lemon, orange and lime. Free vector citrus fruits graphics. This is a simple and modern citrus fruits slice icon set. Free download of nature and healthy food vector graphics of different citrus fruits for you.

Best place to free download citrus fruits slice for use in ads and product labels artwork design. Vector citrus fruits slice in different type fruit slices.

You can use free vector citrus fruits slice to enhance your designing work, design projects like fruits, vitamins, dieting, healthy eating, food, balanced diet and summer visuals. And also, fruit graphics for logos, product label decorations, food pyramid illustrations and posters etc.

Colorful vectors of lime, lemon and orange. Slices in different colors and you can scalable to any size. Free vectors use for fruits, healthy food and vitamins visuals. Vector graphics most use in your poster and product labels or packaging.

Don’t wait to download free vector citrus fruits zip file, it include EPS file format only. Enjoy!

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