Oct 2, 2020
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How to Create Black and White Grunge Background in Adobe Illustrator

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Today, will guide you how to create a black and white grunge background in Adobe Illustrator. I will show you simple method to create an awesome grunge effect background design using with brush strokes. You can learn quickly and will composite of grunge texture background in Adobe Illustrator. Watch entire tutorial video.

I will use grunge brush vector pack 05, grunge brush vector pack 06 and grunge brush vector pack 07 in Brush Libraries with Paintbrush Tool (B).

And also you will learn some basic like how to give opacity to object or stroke in Transparency Panel (Shift + Ctrl + F10) and Make Clipping Mask (Ctrl + 7).

Most of designer thinks that how to create a grunge background in Adobe Illustrator, it is very easy to create own grunge background with my tips and trips.

You can use grunge background in your design artwork. You will use to create awesome creative designs of poster, banner, artwork, advertisement artwork, brochure or flyer, banner etc.

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