Aug 1, 2020
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How to Create Four Step Circles Infographic Design in Adobe InDesign | INDD | EPS

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Today, will guide you, how to create four step circles infographic design in Adobe InDesign. This tutorial will guide you with simple way for beginners, intermediate and advanced level graphic designers. Learn quickly with easy tips and using only one power tool of pathfinder tool to create graphic in Adobe InDesign.

Most of graphic designers think that how we can create infographic in Adobe InDesign. No need Adobe Illustrator, if you have Adobe InDesign, I will teach you, how to create beautiful infographic with my tips. Watch entire video tutorial so that you can make your own infographic design.

I received so many positive responses from the users, they appreciated me for this, and how can you create raster in Adobe Illustrator and vector infographic in Adobe InDesign. My answer is that we can create everything using tools in any software.

I will use some of power tools in Adobe InDesign to create beautiful four step circles infographic design. One of the important tools that Pathfinder Panel.  Follow our tips; you will create awesome infographic in Adobe InDesign.

First, draw two circle one is big, another is small, and select both circles and apply exclude overlap in pathfinder panel.

Second, make three duplicate shapes of circle shape. Give different colors to them.

Three, arrange circles, copy circle and paste in place after that draw a box shape and select both shapes apply intersects in the pathfinder panel.

In this video, will also guide you some of basic tips of copy of the objects, rotate the shapes, custom colors and also pick color using with eyedropper tool etc.

Try yourself to create own four steps circle infographic design with my tips and trips in Adobe InDesign. Create own and use in your design projects and enhance your design to eye catchy.

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If you want to download this video tutorial soft file, click on free download button. It includes indd and EPS formats only. Enjoy!

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