Aug 18, 2020
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How to Create Leaner Logo Design in Adobe InDesign | INDD | EPS | JPG

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Today, will guide you, how to create simple leaner logo o in Adobe InDesign. Watch entire video tutorial; learn and create own leaner logo design in Adobe InDesign for your client.
There is lots of software or online logos create software in the market to create logo design. My point is if you have software in that have tools to draw a shape then you can easily create your own logo design, no need to purchase costly software or pay high price to purchase online for create default logo design in the online logo maker.
Most of designer thinks that logo can create in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel DRAW, Inkscape or online logo make etc. I will show you, you can also design a logo with leaner style in Adobe InDesign. Follow my tips and trick in the video tutorial, you will create beautiful leaner logo.
This video tutorial will guide you with easy way to create leaner logo for beginners, intermediate and advanced level graphic designers. Learn quickly with easy tips and using ellipse tool, color swatch panel and pathfinder tool etc.
Most graphic designers asked me that can we create logo in Adobe InDesign, this video tutorial for them. We have good collections of graphic designing video tutorials in my YouTube channel. Please subscribe for latest graphic design tutorials. This video tutorial will explains which I will show in the video see three steps below:
First, draw a circle shape and increase every circle adding 100 pixels to six circles after that, we will use line tool (shortcut \) to draw random height of lines, left side six lines and right side six lines.
Second, create stroke custom gradient swatch color with type of liner and apply gradient with Gradient Swatch Tool (shortcut G) manually.
Third, I will use Exclude Overlap in the Pathfinder Panel and Paste Into in the edit menu.
This video will also guides some basic tips to beginners. Try yourself to create own leaner logo design in Adobe InDesign.
If you want to download this video tutorial soft file, click on free download button. It includes indd, EPS and JPG formats only. Enjoy!

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