May 4, 2020
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How to Create Vector Sliced Letter Effect Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

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Today, AllFreePik guides how to create vector sliced letter effect in Adobe Illustrator. Sliced letter can be a new design trend to create a logo design with letter or alphabet. This letter logotype can be more prominent brand recognition. I guides, you can easily cut the letter and give effects of sliced in this tutorial.

Most of designers are looking to cut of angle of the letter. There are a few ways to create sliced text effects, depending on what exactly you are trying to create. I showed the best method of slicing letter and look like a one.

My intention is teach something which I learned the tips and tricks from my past art directors. Too many junior designers learned graphic designing tips from me. Most of designers think how to slice the letter, it is very easy to cut or slice the letter, you can learn from this video tutorial.

Now a days, design world wants something different from graphic design artworks. Most of tutors tech and give tips and tricks to designer in the online. So, I want to share my experience to design world. Sometimes, learn tricks from online and applied my design projects. You can also learn and apply your design project to make eye catchy.

Follow steps and you can make easily sliced letter effect logo design in adobe illustrator. AllFreePik provides the best quality video tutorials. Please try at your end and see the results, how do you getting. I hope you enjoy this video. Thanks for watching!

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Don’t forget to download source file of this tutorial of sliced letter logo design. Enjoy!

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