May 27, 2020
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Tutorial: How to Create a Brick Wall Texture Effect in Adobe Illustrator

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Today, I am guiding you, how to create a brick wall texture effect in Adobe Illustrator. Easiest way to create texture effects background in Adobe Illustrator. You can learn graphic designing in Adobe Illustrator. Best place to learn graphic designing.

Don’t waste time to make brick shapes and repeat it again and again, it will take too much time, but I showed you method that you can make brick wall texture within one minute using Adobe Illustrator Effects.

So many designers think that how to create a brick wall texture effect quickly. It is ready-made effects in adobe illustrator. You can create raster images in adobe illustrator. Designers think that Adobe Illustrator for vector only, that is not correct, you can also create raster background designs in Adobe Illustrator. Brick wall texture effects in Adobe Illustrator is very easy using effects in Illustrator to make a brick wall textures. You can give different colors and sizes of the texture backgrounds.

Using effects in adobe illustrator to make different textures of  marble, plaster, sand, stone, glass, crack etc. I tried to show you in this tutorial video with easy method.

There are many ways to create the brick wall, but you can learn here easily using effects in Adobe Illustrator.  If you are a designer, use this texture to enhance your designs, whether you are working on designing projects like background, packaging design, website background, advertisement design, brochure, leaflet, banners etc.

Don’t wait and watch entire video tutorial and learn and apply this effects and make awesome brick wall texture background in your design projects to achieve your goal. One of the best place to learn graphic design and download freely.

We have a great collections of tutorials of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign etc. to learn and create own texture, pattern, graphic etc. You can also follow our YouTube channel to learn graphic designing, please visit:

Don’t forget to download source brick wall texture background design effect file which include one file in eps format. Enjoy!

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