Jun 1, 2020
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Tutorial: How to Make Plaster Wall Texture Effects Background in Adobe Illustrator

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This tutorial guides how to create the plaster wall texture in Adobe Illustrator. I guided easy way to create awesome wall plaster texture background. You can learn and easily create own texture using with Adobe Illustrator Effects gallery. In this tutorial teaches, how to use effects in Adobe Illustrator and make custom texture background. Easiest way to learn and you can enhance in your design artwork.

I explained the colour values and values of effects very clearly. So that you can learn easily, you watch completely and learn something here. Follow step by step in the video, you don’t need to download the high priced stock images.

Most of designer or graphic artist thinks that where to download this this kind of texture backgrounds. Some of seller in the online they charge very high price for the image. But you can learn here and make beautiful texture background without any cost. This Plaster wall texture is very useful to enhance your design.

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If you learn something from our video tutorial that is great to me. My intention is share my knowledge to fellow graphic designers.

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